first offer Enjoy a 2.5% reward on your holdings

A trusted & secure smart contract

Unicrypt locked – 50% burn – 40% locked in Pancakeswap.



Register and create a metamask wallet

Connect your wallet

Add BNB and connect your wallet to Pancakeswap

Start trading

Trade Ark Token (AKT) with BNB, Cake, or USDT

Our vision

Ark Token (AKT) is just the start.

We aim to create a playground for innovation. Arkmanix aims to create an ecosystem encompassing gaming, user friendly tools, and Arkmanix social network. Our first tool, Plutus beta will be out soon.


Buy, sell, or hold for profit.


2.5% auto burn

2.5% reward back to holders

5% added to liquidity

Hold and watch your wallet grow. 


Liquidity lock in Unicrypt for 30+ years. Secured smart contract.

Our Journey

A simple roadmap

Ark Token (AKT) is Arkmanix’s first project. Soon we will release Plutus (More details upon beta release). So, buy, sell, or hold Ark Token (AKT) as we grow.

  • Release and expand Ark Token (AKT)
  • Ark Token Exchange listing and promotions
    In progress
  • Release Arkfinance - Budget and market tracking application
    In progress
  • Improve Arkfinance V1, V2 and integrate Ark Token with Arkfinance
  • Arkadia - Open world game preparation (Plan, finance, and dev team)
  • Arkadia beta community release
  • Arkadia release and continuous improvement
  • Ark Token integration with Arkadia (experimental)
  • Ark social media department - A much detailed roadmap