Welcome to the magical world of Arkadia.

Arkmanix is a social media gaming platform where you can explore the world of Arkadia, discover dynamic biomes, and hunt deadly beasts with incredible strength and unique abilities. Personalize your avatar, pets, mounts, guilds, and the Arkmanix user interface. Make friends as you venture through Arkmanix’s open world, Arkadia. Explore with friends and form parties and guilds. Post and share your thoughts on all adventures on Arkmanix. Play & Have Fun!

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Play & Have Fun.

Arkmanix is still in development. Content on site will not resemble production release.

Impactful wills (spells)

Be the grandmaster spellcaster by mastering powerful wills (Flames, lightning, ice, summoning, and more)

Fantastical creatures

Mysterious creatures exist in Arkadia. You will need to form parties and guilds to take down the powerful. Unless you deem yourself worthy, do not approach Arkadia’s beasts alone.

Dynamic biomes


Powerful gears and weapons

You are not obligated to stick to one style of fighting. Become a master of melee weapons or bows. Craft the powerful weapons and show your guild, friends, and Arkadia that you are a true adventurer.

Pets & Mounts

Capture rare creatures to ride or to keep as a pet.

Rare items

Collect crafting materials to forge a new armor or weapon. Help build your guild by contributing your earnings.


Play & Have Fun.

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